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Resolving disputes among Partners, LLC Members, and Shareholders

Whether business disputes involve partners, LLC members or shareholders, these disputes can quickly escalate uncontrollably. I work diligently to protect the rights of my clients while preserving the value of the underlying enterprise. I understand that these important business matters often involve heightened personal feelings, which is why I am dedicated to providing the utmost professionalism so that all parties can focus on the key issues.  When possible, I work to minimize the time and expense devoted to these matters by resolving them through negotiation and consensus. I have the skill and discretion to overcome the extraneous matters that complicate intra-business disputes and guide clients toward a favorable outcome.

Avoiding destructive and expensive internal battles

In nearly every case, businesses work best when clear rules govern partner, LLC member, and shareholder conduct. By anticipating problems that may arise, I help new and existing firms create agreements specifically tailored to the needs and priorities of business owners. Through diligent preparation, your operation can set procedures for dealing with contingencies that might arise suddenly. A small investment of time and effort can avert major problems in the future. If your business is being threatened by a conflict between shareholders, LLC Members or partners, or if you seek guidance on how to avoid these disputes, Law Office of Stanley Imerman delivers strong counsel. To schedule a telephone consultation, call me at (818) 219-1254 or contact me online today.